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Top Rural Area High Speed Internet Providers

Rural USA. Ah yes, the great wide open doors. The smell of fresh, clean air. Clear blue skies and open country. Freedom. Peace and quiet. What’s not to love? Some people enjoy the distance they have from technology by living in the country. Sometimes not knowing what is going on out there can be more peaceful. Others develop the interest of keeping up on current events or staying more in touch with their community, family, and friends. The fastest and easiest way to stay connected is high-speed Internet service. More and more people also use the Internet as a source of income. For some the Internet isn’t just a luxury- it is necessary. People have home based businesses, go to school online, work part-time from home, or one rising trend many people are finding success is buying and selling on eBay.

For some, the economy has forced them to move out of the city and look into other more affordable areas to live. Lower mortgages, affordable school costs, and cheaper taxes can make rural areas a more attractive place to live. Quality of life seems more attainable with lower financial burdens. Once a place is established getting the lights and gas turned on is a no-brainer. Setting up mail forwarding is easy. Next on the list: high-speed Internet service. Sometimes not so easy. People in rural areas often have difficulty with this. They can’t find anyone that provides high speed rural Internet service in their area.

Local phone and Internet providers service areas where they can remain profitable and stay in business. If there is not enough people living in a centralized area it might not seem attractive for an Internet provider to provide rural Internet in that area. Sometimes people are just on the “cut off” of where a provider starts and stops their coverage. Someone’s next store neighbor may have high speed DSL Internet but when they call for an appointment they are told they do not service the address because they are too far away. Even though they are right next door. Finding rural Internet providers is not easy.

Satellite television providers such as DISH Network and Direct TV are popular in rural areas because cable companies don’t always reach to the area. Direct TV usually works with local Internet providers, if available, and can sometimes provide a bundled service or a “Direct TV Bundle”. DISH Network previously partnered with rural satellite Internet provider Wild Blue, and at one point, could provide bundled TV and Internet service or a “DISH Network Bundle”. The company that owns DISH Network, EchoStar recently teamed up with rural satellite Internet provider giant, Hughes Net, and now the two are teaming up to provide both high-speed rural Internet through Hughes Net satellite Internet and TV service through DISH Network. Hughes Net and Sky Blue are the rural Internet providers for remote, rural, and country areas.

Some people go wireless. Also called an “air-card”. An air-card is a little USB device that hooks into your computer or laptop. These work great if you have enough signal strength. The downside to air-cards is they use the cellular network and function on signal strength, which is not always strong or consistent in remote areas. There are also monthly limitations, restrictions, and overages on air-cards for rural Internet.

When local providers such as Charter, Comcast, Verizon, or ATT don’t service the area as rural Internet providers and air-cards aren’t working cause of the signal strength, speed, or usage restrictions, satellite Internet services these country areas and is usually the only option for rural Internet. Satellite Internet providers such as Starband, Wild Blue or Sky Blue, and Hughes Net provide high-speed rural Internet to un-served areas of the country where DSL and cable Internet do not reach. Rural Internet providers are now available and at blazing high satellite speed.

People and businesses in rural areas enjoy the flexibility of not needing a phone line with satellite Internet. There is no phone line required and because satellite Internet providers Sky Blue and Hughes Net have service everywhere, they are usually the only high speed rural Internet providers. Just like satellite television a satellite dish is installed outside the house and a modem is provided that connects to the Internet. The dish uses advanced wireless signals allowing for a fast high-speed ‘always on’ Internet connection and making satellite Internet the fastest rural Internet providers. A wireless router can be hooked up to provide wireless Internet with a laptop anywhere in the house. People enjoy the flexibility to be able to access the Internet anywhere in the house. Whether it’s in the kitchen, the bedroom, the family room, the den, or even the porch, satellite Internet can also provide rural Internet wirelessly.

What Does a Satellite Internet Provider Provide You With?

A Satellite Internet Provider is one form of provider that provides internet service to your home or office. There are a few companies that provide internet connections through a Satellite Internet Provider.

There are several types of internet service available including dial up, DSL via Broadband, fiber optics, cable and satellite.

A Satellite Internet Provider is generally used when there is no dial up connection or DSL available. These providers often offer their services in remote areas like a hill top or rural areas with no other service available.

You should realize when you are speaking about an internet connected via satellite that there is a satellite many miles up in the sky which your internet is connected to through a small dish attached to your home or office. So when ever you are sending data it goes up miles into space, then back down again and then back up into space again. This may cause some delays. So a satellite internet connection may not be the best choice for online gaming. In the online gaming world you have to be operating in the current period of time. Any delay may cause real time issues and problems.

This type of internet connection may not be the best choice for voice chats or for streaming media because of the potential time delay as the data makes it way through space and back again. This is called ‘latency’ or basically a delay of some amount of time.

A satellite internet company will generally offer several plans for their service. They may differ as to price and speed. This type of service entails some up front costs to install the satellite and the equipment. It also will require a service commitment. But this is what all internet service providers require so this is not that different. You should look for promotions that offer free installation if it is not provided, or for free set- up if that generally costs money. Some companies don’t include installation at all. You are basically on your own with the installation with perhaps someone at the end of a telephone line assisting you.

Satellite internets require some equipment like an antenna, and transmit and receive devices. It requires a dish connection to enable the satellite connection. This is connected by a coaxial cable which connects to an IRW or Indoor Receive Unit and an ITU or Indoor Transmit Unit. This then connects to a USB port.

This equipment may be included in the contract on an ownership basis or it may on a lease basis or it may be an additional cost depending on the plan that is offered. There may be additional activation fees or other fees.

There are a lot of things to consider when opting for a satellite internet connection. Another consideration is the support available. Is it 24/7? Does it include any anti-virus or anti-spyware? How much broadband can you use for data downloads? Give this internet service some thought before you sign up.